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“We firmly believe that your geographical location in the world should not be a barrier to receiving fair, independent and transparent financial advice.”


Valiant Wealth are independent financial advisors in Italy. We assist expats across the globe with independent financial advice.

Valiant Wealth was established to address the financial planning needs of the ever-growing population of internationally-mobile people.

Our clients cover a broad spectrum from expat retirees, internationally-mobile workers in industries such as Oil and Gas to professionals who have worked in the UK for a long period before returning to their homeland or working elsewhere. All of these groups have one thing in common: a need for high-quality, bespoke financial advice that takes into account their unique set of circumstances.

Our network is equipped with the required licenses and regulation to advise on both insurance and investment products. We are truly international meaning that we can provide our services to clients in almost every corner of the globe.


Tom Goold and Adam Smith are the founders, directors, client advisors and driving force of Valiant Wealth.

Tom started his career with a large international financial services company in South Africa in 2012. He worked his way up from a client services role to become one of the most respected consultants in the region. Relocation to Italy followed in 2015 when he got married and is now settled in Rome with a two year old son.

Adam’s journey started with Bloomberg in London and he subsequently spent five years as the primary point of contact for clients as a consultant for a financial advisory in Rome. Adam is also married to an Italian wife and has two children.

Away from work both Tom and Adam enjoy spending quality time with their families. Tom is relentlessly pursuing a sub three-hour marathon while Adam is looking for more balance in his life on a stand-up paddleboard.


We are proud to be associated with the award-winning OpesFidelio who are a network of EU based independent advisors. OpesFidelio is a trademark owned by Aisa Financial Planning Limited which trades as Aisa International outside of the UK. Aisa is based in the UK and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for insurance and investment services (ref number 189652).

Aisa have Chartered Financial Planner status in the UK and have won numerous awards which are detailed on their website.

The FCA listing for Aisa Financial Planning Limited can be found here along with full details of the company’s rights to passport insurance and investment advice across the EU.

In Italy, Aisa Direct Limited are listed on both the IVASS and CONSOB registers for insurance and investment advice.

The Aisa Group has an extensive history dating back to the mid-1990s. The network consists of a team of experienced financial advisors across multiple countries. We all run our own separate businesses but share the same passion for truly independent transparent financial advice.

At International Advisor’s Best Practice Awards 2019, the network picked awards for Excellence in Investment Planning and Excellence in Digital Innovation.

The picture below shows the network members who gathered in London in September for the quarterly investment committee meeting proudly displaying the awards.

Aisa Financial Planning: 20 years of integrity, excellence and setting new standards

Aisa Financial Planning has been setting the standard for fair, transparent and truly independent financial advice for 20 years. We are proud to be members of the Aisa Group and bringing these...


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