What Happens to my QROPS if I Move Back to the UK?

If you have left the UK and been advised to transfer your pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) but now intend to return to the UK then you need to consider how this pension will now be treated. While many expats and professionals who have left the UK transfer their pensions to […]

Financial Planning Webinar for US Connected Persons in Italy

US Expat Financial Advice

Are you an American in Italy or looking to move to Italy? Having trouble with your finances and investments? Join our webinar! We’ve teamed up with DUNHILL FINANCIAL and the American International Club of Rome to present an exciting webinar for US expats and US connected persons in Italy. EVENT DETAILS: WEDNESDAY 24TH JUNE, 3:30PM CET We’ll […]

Addressing the financial challenges faced by UN employees

If you work for the United Nations in Rome or elsewhere in the world you’ll be familiar with the financial challenges of understanding tax, saving and investing for retirement and the implications of being internationally mobile.

The Trouble with Financial Advice for Expats

Trouble with Financial Advice for Expats

From undisclosed commissions, unsuitable investments, high risk strategies and extortionate surrender penalties. The world of offshore financial advice is a minefield to navigate for expats. We expose the truth to help you avoid the risks of dealing with an offshore financial advisor.

Raising Standards in Financial Advice for Expats

Valiant Wealth

Valiant Wealth are setting new standards in independent financial advice for international people and expats resident in Italy. This article was originally published by Italian Insider – an English language newspaper and website for expats in Italy.