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Advice for South African Expats


Being a South African expat has its own challenges and complexities compared to expats from other countries.

At Valiant Wealth we are perfectly positioned as independent cross-border financial advisors to provide the best advice and guidance to South Africans living, working and reitiring abroad.

Whether you need help investing, saving for the future, tax efficient structures or need expert tax assistance then we can help.

Having lived and worked as a financial advisor in Cape Town for several years, Valiant Wealth director Tom Goold has a firm understanding of the South African financial and tax system and the best solutions for South African expats abroad.



In March 2019 it was announced that as of March 2020 South Africans would be subject to an additional tax on earnings above ZAR 1,000,000 (approximately £50,000 / €60,000 / $70,0000) at a rate of up to 45%.

This will affect anyone who earns their income outside of South Africa but is still considered resident for tax purposes in the eyes of SARS.

South African expats should be particularly concerned if they work in countries where their tax is less than it would be in South Africa – for example expats in the UAE or rotational workers in the Oil and Gas Industry.

We have partnered with an expert tax advisory based in Cape Town. Through this collaboration we can present a broad range of solutions and a personalised tax report to help you minimise the impact and remain compliant with SARS.


Our international retirement plan is a flexible and tax efficient savings vehicle for South African expats.

There are specific advantages to such a plan especially for South African expats who might one day return home. You can make one-off or ad-hoc payments, fund with cash or existing offshore assets. As a pension it can be accessed from age 50 as either a lump sum or income stream without the need to purchase an annuity.

As a tax efficient vehicle it is exempt from South African donations tax, there is no tax on interest or capital gains before benefits are taken and it is also exempt from estate duty meaning you can pass it on easily to your nominated heirs and beneficiaries.


How to LEGALLY avoid the South African Expat Tax WITHOUT Financial Emigration

This article explains a solution to the expat tax for those where Financial Emigration is NOT an option and they are not covered by a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA).   Since Pravin Gordhan announced the end of double non taxation and the repealing of Section...

New Tax for South African Expats

What is it? South African residents will be taxed on any foreign earnings above ZAR 1,000,000 (approximately £50,000 / €60,000 / $70,0000) at a rate of up to 45%.  When will it be introduced? March 2020, although it is important to act well before then so...

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