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In Italy, the majority of financial advice available is not independent. Typically, people use a bank or an asset manager who sells a limited range of products. The nature of this model means that the financial advisor is working for an institution rather than working for you.

We created Valiant Wealth with an alternative model in mind. We are not tied to any bank or institution. We work for you, our client. As our remuneration does not come from an institution but is based on the value we add for you, our advice is never biased towards any one institution.


We understand the needs of expats and international people in Italy because that’s who we are too.

Whether you’ve come to Italy to develop your career, run your own business (either locally or overseas) or to enjoy your retirement years, we have the experience and expertise to provide sound financial planning.

We fully understand the complexities of financial advice in Italy from both a local and a cross-border international perspective and can provide bespoke advice based on your own circumstances and future needs.


Being based in Rome means we are often approached for advice from employees of the United Nations. As a result we have a significant base of clients from the FAO, WFP and IFAD.

Some stay in Italy for a short time while others forge a more permanent presence and base their families here.

Working for the UN has many advantages but can also add unique challenges different from those faced by other expats. Through our years of experience we’ve acquired a unique insight and have built a solid set of suitable solutions.


American citizens abroad or even individuals with links to the United States can often find it challenging to find financial advice that is suitable and regulated.

There’s a significant population of American expats living across Italy who have faced this frustrating situation.

Through our network, we can provide the solutions you need. Our financial planning process can accommodate solutions provided by a SEC registered financial advisor.


We’re often approached by local Italians for independent financial advice as an alternative to the solutions provided by local banks and asset managers.

Our Italian clients tend to be internationally-minded professionals who realise that the importance of taking a global outlook with their financial planning.

We’ve helped Italian professionals with investment solutions and provide valuable advice for those who have worked in the UK to better manage their UK pensions.

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What is INPS? The National Institute of Social Security ( INPS ) is the main social security institution of the Italian public pension system, in which all public or private employees must be enrolled and most of the self-employed workers who do not have their own...


We are often asked about health insurance in Italy, in some cases from people moving to Italy who have heard about the need for health cover in order to gain residence status and others who are concerned about the level of care they may receive if they are taken ill...

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