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New Year Financial Resolutions 2020

Make the commitment Like any resolution whether it is related to your health, career, family or financial goals you will not get anywhere if you do not commit. The reason we make resolutions is because we are dissatisfied with our current situation. As we are all the...

The Trouble with Financial Advice for Expats

From undisclosed commissions, unsuitable investments, high risk strategies and extortionate surrender penalties. The world of offshore financial advice is a minefield to navigate for expats. We expose the truth to help you avoid the risks of dealing with an offshore financial advisor.

Coronavirus: A Measured View of its Impact on Investing

The biggest story of the decade so far is undoubtedly the outbreak of the Coronavirus which started in a small province in China and has now reached almost every corner of the globe.The outbreak confirms how closely connected the world is these days and how...

The ‘Greta Thunberg Effect’ and The Rise of ESG Investing

By Adam Smith As you have probably heard Greta Thunberg had quite a 2019 which resulted in her being named the 2019 Time person of the year. The level of attention she has brought to the climate crisis is quite astonishing especially considering she was 16 years old...

How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement?

Have you given thought to what the sunset years of your life will look like? If your dream is have the freedom to travel and have fun then you might need to take a good hard look at your financial situation today.   It all starts by asking yourself a few simple...


This article delves into questions you should be asking your financial advisor. Whether you’re about to start speaking to an advisor or you are already working with one, it is absolutely imperative that they can provide satisfactory answers to these questions. We’ve...


Do you know how much you’re paying for your investments? Have you considered the true impact of fees on performance? This article exposes the true cost and implication of extortionate fees being paid by expats.

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