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QROPS Advice and Service for British Expats


Since a change in UK pension legislation introduced QROPS to the market in 2006 approximately 120,000 UK pensions have left the UK to go to popular destinations like Guernsey, Malta and Gibraltar.

In our experience 99% of these transfers have been badly handled and in the majority of cases completely unnecessary meaning that the pension would have been better left in the UK.

There are a multitude of factors that combine and compound to make these QROPS doomed for failure: unsuitable structures, unnecessary insurance bonds used to hold investments which are expensive and cumbersome, high commissions paid out on these bonds (often as high as 7%), unsuitable investment choices such as structured notes and expensive actively managed funds (again paying high up front commissions of up to 5%) and a general lack of attention, service, management and continuity of advice.

If any of the above sound familiar to you then we can help to rescue and repair your QROPS in the same way that we have helped many others. All the QROPS we’ve helped to fix have had the features described above. As the advice we give is regulated in the UK it means that we do not follow the same commission-driven strategy of whoever persuaded you to transfer your pension in the first place. We operate a transparent fee-based model that guarantees the prosperity of clients before our own.

What Can We Do For You?

We begin by taking a look at your existing QROPS and having a call or meeting with you. This part of the process is free of charge and has zero obligation. We’ll highlight where we see the faults and discuss how we would improve things. We’ll present you with a written report and detailed analysis to compare your options. We promise that we will only make a proposal and recommendation to take you on as a client if we can demonstrate objectively how we can save you money and improve the long-term potential of your pension.

Read Our Case Studies

The most effective way for us to demonstrate our QROPS Service is through case studies of individuals we have already helped. Names have been changed to protect their identities however if you ever need written testimonials and references from our existing clients then we can provide these on request.

If you browse the case studies below, we’re sure that you’ll find someone who’s been in a similar situation as you but has benefited from taking our advice.





One thing I’m telling all my clients at the moment is to read beyond the headlines to fully understand the economic impact of the reaction to Coronavirus. I hope that if you’ve made it this far beyond headline of this article that you’ll read on to find out what I...

What Happens to my QROPS if I Move Back to the UK?

If you have left the UK and been advised to transfer your pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) but now intend to return to the UK then you need to consider how this pension will now be treated. While many expats and professionals who have...

QROPS MYTH #9 – Brexit will affect your pension

Let’s look at this realistically. If you’re an expat in Spain, for example, and the UK leaves the EU do you really think that your UK-based pension provider will be unable to make a payment to you now that the two countries are not joined by the EU? Is this not...

QROPS MYTH #7 – Structured notes are suitable investments

A consequence of transferring your pension away from the UK opens you to the risk that your funds will be placed into investments that would not be allowed if it was still under the watch of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. There have been many cases of clients...

QROPS MYTH #6 – You need to keep a large proportion in cash

Any investment portfolio should always contain a small proportion of cash but by small we mean around 2-3%. If your pension has a cash account of somewhere around 10% then you might want to question whether this money really exists. Consider it this way, pensions are...

QROPS MYTH #5 – QROPS are ‘approved by HMRC’

HMRC do not approve anything! It is not their function. Their purpose, as stated on the website https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs is: “We are the UK’s tax, payments and customs authority, and we have a vital purpose: we collect the money...

QROPS MYTH #3 – Your UK scheme is going to go bust

It’s true that there have been many high profile defined benefit pensions that have gone bust in recent years. The fundamental principle of the way that defined benefit pensions are structured can indeed sound like a risk. A defined benefit pension will promise to pay...

QROPS MYTH #2 – You need an insurance bond

When it comes to QROPS there are a few ways of administering the investments – although most people are only ever presented with one option. As the QROPS trustees are not set up to provide this service (they merely provide the legal structure and fulfil normal trustee...

QROPS MYTH #1 – Your pension is at risk if you leave it in the UK

What risks? Brexit? Tax? Schemes going bust? What risks have you been told about? The only risk is believing someone who is giving you advice that is biased in their favour. If someone is going to profit from helping you to transfer your pension overseas then you need...

QROPS CASE STUDY #3 – Mrs White, British expat in Italy, STM Malta QROPS

Mrs White is a professional from the UK. She is in her mid-40s and has been living in Milan for several years. She was approached by a large offshore financial advisory group with offices in Milan. They convinced her that her UK pension would be better if it was...

QROPS CASE STUDY #2 – Mr Rossi, Italian back in Italy after working in UK, Malta QROPS

Background Mr Rossi is an Italian citizen who worked in London for several years before returning home. He was approached by a large international financial advisory based in Milan and strongly persuaded that he would be better off if he transferred his UK pension to...

QROPS CASE STUDY #1 – Mr Green: expat in Italy with a Guernsey QROPS

Background Mr Green approached us early this year concerned about the fact that in the 8 years since transferring four UK pensions to a Guernsey-based QROPS he has achieved zero growth and has concern over repaying a loan that was taken out. In 2011 four schemes worth...

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