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What risks? Brexit? Tax? Schemes going bust? What risks have you been told about? The only risk is believing someone who is giving you advice that is biased in their favour. If someone is going to profit from helping you to transfer your pension overseas then you need to really question whether the advice is in your interest or theirs.

The UK actually has one of the tightest systems of regulation for its financial services industry. After the last financial crisis in 2008, the ‘Retail Distribution Review’ (RDR) was created to protect consumers from repeats of past mistakes. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was born and certain practices such as receiving commissions from providers is now banned. UK-regulated advisors must comply with the strictest levels of regulation and operate with absolute transparency.

Can you guess what’s happened to all the advisors who don’t want to work in this ethical manner? They’ve either left the industry completely or they’ve disappeared ‘offshore’ where they can target expats but not be expected to follow UK rules.

If you need impartial advice and guidance on your pension then the place to start is the Pensions Advisory Service – a UK non-departmental public body and independent non-profit company which provides free information, advice and guidance on state, company and individual pension schemes (https://www.pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk/). They can provide basic guidance to understand the pension system and how it affects you.

From this starting point, if you think you need further expert advice then you should engage with an independent financial advisor who is UK regulated and also has an understanding of your situation as an expat. Make sure that they are fee-based and transparent. Advisors who are not fee-based are remunerated by product providers and therefore the ‘advice’ they give you is incentivised to benefit them. A fee-based advisor will impartially assess your options and place your prosperity before their own, seeking to build a long-term supportive relationship.

At Valiant Wealth we provide UK-regulated financial advice, are fee-based and offer a free initial consultation to assess your situation. Whether you have already transferred your pension, or you are thinking of doing so, we can help.


We’ve helped countless expats and international professionals with their existing QROPS. Through a free consultation we can help you to understand several key matters:

  • The existing structure.
  • The commissions paid out.
  • The charges for the structure.
  • The suitability of the underlying investment portfolio.
  • The tax implications according to your current and future residence.
  • An examination of the transaction history to understand where and why fees have been leaking out.
  • Alternatives to reduce your fees and improve management.
  • A detailed report and written evaluation of the options available to you.
  • Transparent, independent, fee-based, UK-regulated advice.