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Tax Planning


A major headache that comes as a result of being internationally mobile and living, working and retiring in multiple countries can be understanding your tax obligations.

We understand that our clients are worried about the risks of not complying with the tax laws of the country they live in, their country of domicile or any other country where they hold assets or have a connection to.

Quite often there are advantages to being international and opportunities to optimise your tax position.

We have developed an understanding of tax situations for expats from the UK, US, Australia, South Africa and other countries and use our network to access professional tax advice in multiple jurisdictions to make sure you are covered.

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If you’re an expat or an international person with cross-border financial matters then it makes sense to seek guidance on tax matters.

We can help whether you have a specific concern or just want to better understand your situation in general and discover if there could be ways to optimise your position.

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