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We provide UK-regulated, independent advice on UK pensions. We operate the same transparent fee-based model as all good UK-based financial advisors. If you’re living abroad then we can give you the same standard of advice and service you would expect in the UK.

Unfortunately, we are in an industry where the majority of non-UK based advisors who work with British expats do not treat them in the same way. The majority have no UK regulation and charge hefty commissions which leads to clients being shoehorned into unsuitable solutions and poor ongoing service.

Our setup is explained on our about us page with background into our advisory and award-winning network.

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The UK pension landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Laws have been introduced that allow you more freedom and control over your retirement.

Generous transfer values are on offer from final salary schemes and defined contribution schemes can be fully accessed earlier. There are also greater freedoms to consolidate multiple schemes and transfer to either a UK-based SIPP or a non-UK QROPS.

Furthermore, the way pensions are taxed on death compared to other assets might encourage you to view your pension as something to benefit future generations rather than fund your retirement.

We have years of experience dealing with UK and overseas schemes and can help you find the best solution according to your needs.


Final salary pensions (otherwise known as defined benefits) were once seen as ‘gold-plated’ and the surest way to guarantee yourself a consistent income in retirement.

In recent years thousands of people have decided to transfer their pensions for a generous transfer value and have more control over their own pension.


A self-invested personal pension is a great way to achieve a pension and investment that you can control. SIPPs are increasingly popular amongst people who want to consolidate several schemes and improve the overall management of the portfolio.

International SIPPs exist for people who live abroad but want to keep their pension in the UK and regulated by the FCA.


Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes are beneficial for people who want to transfer their pension away from the UK. There are many reasons why this could be the best option for a pension.

The benefits are similar to that of a SIPP but removing it from the UK has the potential to mitigate taxes (subject to where you are resident) and ensure that growth above the lifetime allowance is not subject to additional tax.

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