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Financial Planning Webinar for US Connected Persons in Italy

Are you an American in Italy or looking to move to Italy?

Having trouble with your finances and investments?

Join our webinar!

We’ve teamed up with DUNHILL FINANCIAL and the American International Club of Rome to present an exciting webinar for US expats and US connected persons in Italy.


We’ll be looking at how to overcome the real and perceived hurdles for US tax payer residents in Italy or looking to move to Italy and explain how to avoid any obstacles and plan your finances effectively.

In addition we will be joined by guest speakers from the American Club of Rome and the American Citizen Abroad, who will discuss the many issues that face American expats living in Italy.


  • Introduction to American International Club of Rome (AICR)
  • Financial Planning in Italy
  • Issues related to Americans in Italy
  • How American Citizen Abroad (ACA) can assist
The webinar will conclude with a short Q&A session with our panelists:

Tom Goold & Adam Smith (Valiant Wealth),

Brian Dunhill (Dunhill Financial),

Marylouise Serrato (American Citizens Abroad)

Silvia (American Club of Rome).

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